Time to give that dull company newsletter a facelift and fill that pricey-but-undeveloped website with powerful prose that sets profits soaring. We’ll help you find the words  that take flight. As ...


If your web pages are full of colorless content that doesn’t touch customers or inspire visitors to linger and learn, your brand needs a TLC infusion from SplendidlySaid. With a MeaningfulMessaging ...


We’re goldminers, sans the hardhats, because we search out the golden nuggets that make your company special, then fashion them into unique treasures you’ll display on web pages and elsewhere. ...

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Put Your Name On Everybody’s Lips

Plenty of company websites are barely placeholders on the information highway, with ...

Tales We’ve Told …

To get a sense of the writing talent behind SplendidlySaid’s editorial offerings, ...

Perfect Proofing: The EYES Have It

Specializing in making you look good, grammar guru Elaine Rogers of SplendidlySaid runs a two-tiered ...

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Flights of Fancy

Russia’s influence in America has been an unhappy topic in recent months, but on a more positive note, it’s always a delight to witness the grandeur and gravity-defying grace of world-class ballerinas with dance troupes like The Moscow Ballet and others who annually tour the U.S. November through December, bringing the yuletide season’s ultimate spectacle, more »

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Spring Storytelling in D HOME …

For a D HOME profile in the March/April 2016 issue, Elaine had the pleasure of visiting with Dallas interior designer Mike Mousel and his happy client, Pratiksha Rigley, who called him for help when she couldn’t make her lovely 6,000-square-foot Plano manse feel like home. “I really liked the house,” Pratiksha says, “but in every room, more »

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Precise & Persnickity About Prose

Why waste your time talking in circles or saying a whole lotta nothing? If your idea of writing means jotting down a few keywords and bullet points and hoping they’ll hit a random target, it’s probably time to trust your text to someone who write for a living and LOVES IT. Enlist the editorial expertise of SplendidlySaid’s Elaine Rogers more »

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“Splendid Story” Of The Season

  Editors always reserve the right to play favorites, so check out a recent “Editor’s Pick” for a tale-that-needed-telling business profile. Sometimes it’s the topic itself, or the interviewer and interviewee “just click;” other times, that mystic writing fairy shows up and the words flow like they’re writing themselves. That’s what happened when SplendidlySaid’s Elaine more »

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SOME SPLENDID SITES Share a few grammarian giggles by checking our favorite sites. Time spent with these folks beats a brainless bout of Angry Birds EVERY time. A WAY WITH WORDS A guilt-free pleasure you can hear on NPR, this radio program from linguistic specialists Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett of offers a steady supply more »

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Boring Blogs & Writing for Google – Sound Familiar?

Because we’re word nerds and are always interested in learning more about  the art of expanding engagement and helping our clients feel more comfortable in their blogger’s chairs, we don’t have to feel guilty about reading other marketer’s and editorial experts’ blogs on company time.  And, frequently, we stumble upon words of wisdom from folks more »

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